Saturday, February 5, 2011

Paradise Ranch In Manhwa

 "Holding Back" by honey

Korea can sure make their men yummy, even in comics...let's do three cheers for Manhwa Men! These fan arts were done way before the show was aired, which goes to show the influence of Changmin as an idol (most of them drawn by DBSK's Changmin fans). Now, if only they'll do some Joo Sang Wook fan art.  I saw his cameo for My Princess and my heart skipped a beat. Drooled at the man in black...uhuhu.
"Tears" by honey

More yummy fan art after the jump!

A breathtaking one, entitled "Ranch Wedding" by Power:
It really looks like them too!

Another one by honey, aptly titled "Schooldays":

This one's a too feminine for my taste, nice detail on the outfit though:
"maxbb" by captor, first picture

The Dong Joo one is so cute! Love the addition of the ribbon XD
"maxbb" by captor, second picture.

Also by honey, this one's "Umbrella":

This looks so real it's eerie; artwork by butter:

This one is untitled and not signed, but it's lovely nonetheless: 

Credits: Respective authors of these artworks.


    HE just looks old to

  2. I actually think joo sang wook is mighty sexy. his cameo in my princess was awesome!!!!!!

  3. @ilikehim: It's okay you don't get it. Everyone has diff tastes, but to me he just is *shrugs*

    @sglove: The cameo was really a pleasant surprise. Loved every minute of it! :X