Friday, February 11, 2011

The Fierce Wife: If This Show Was A Person, I Would Punch Its Face

I wonder, who side is the writer on? Are we suppose to feel something (other than anger) for the philandering husband and the Rui Fan x Wei En pairing? Oh whatever. But this week looks pretty promising, finally An Zhen sees the light? (please Show, do not drag this any longer I beg you *on both knees*)
Rewind - Jolin Tsai (I first heard this on twdrama Say Yes Enterprise, thought it was freaking-tastic and then I found out it was written by Jay Chou and given to Jolin when they were still in a relationship together. No wonder.)

Spoiler In Words Episode 14 + Preview Video
Once again Wei En decides to quietly leave for America, and again she chooses to leave without telling Rui Fan. It was at this time when Rui Fan received an anonymous text message informing him on Wei En's flight time. Upon hearing the news Rui Fan frantically drives to the airport and forcibly stopped Wei En's taxi...

Meanwhile, Ai Ling has bought over Qi Qi, and orders her to monitor Rui Fan's every move...

An Zhen tries to maintain the peace of the family, but it is only on the surface for Meng Meng to leave a live of a happy family. How long will this false impression last? Rui Fan asks An Zhen for a divorce, what will the heartbroken An Zhen chose to do?

An Zhen gets a well-off housewife as her customer, due to her thoughtful and attentive nature, she successfully sells her first car! An Zhen regains confidence in herself, she thinks: "Perhaps, a sweet moment is something I can create on my own!"

The Preview:

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  1. Hey Chloe,
    I just wanted to say I totally agree with you. I'm about to punch this show in the face. Too much time is spent on Bastard Rui Fan and Whore Wei En. Unfortunately if the writer intends to make me sympathetic to them it's impossible because those scenes just serve to make my anger toward them grow and multiply instead. I want to see An Zhen be happy and be loved and treated well, she deserves it after all the shit Rui Fan and Wei En have pulled.

    Btw, great song choice!!!

  2. I know right! I will be forever scarred if Rui Fan ends up with An Zhen. I don't care Chris Wang rarely has any scenes - as long as he ends up with AZ. He NEEDS to end up with AZ. (On second thought, she can stay single if that's too hard for the writer). As long as SHE DOES NOT END UP WITH RUI FAN.

    The song - there's one sang by Jay Chou himself. Check it out:

  3. I totally agree with the previous comments. Enough is enough. I hope the writer focuses now on AZ's turn to be happy and give some time on developing the story between AZ and the other guy. It's well emphasized already what an ASS the husband Rui Fan is. You have wasted so many episodes already stressing the infidelity of the husband. I beg you starting episode 15 we would be excited for a "romance" developing for AZ