Thursday, June 16, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Best Love Ep. 14

Let's Talk About - Sunny Hill (feat. Zia)

Am SO in awe with BL's episodes lately. Before this it was just funny, and I found little heart in it but later episodes has proved me so, so wrong. This show  so can do both. And I reckon I like the "serious" bit infinitely more. And the fact that Dokko's fate hangs in the balance only makes my heart thump a frantic tattoo as I watch the show, gnawing my fingers off.

I'm with you so that my heart can "thump thump" again. 

Dokko sells himself out in order to let Ae Jung escape this predicament! However Ae Jung says she absolutely will not do so and went to press conference alone. Seeing that Ae Jung's scandalous speech has actually made the situation worse, Dokko proposes that his own heart surgery be made news to cover up the situation.
On the other hand, Mina and Se Ri finally meet, thanks to Pil Joo. The whole truth about Treasure Girls disbandment is finally revealed for the first time...

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