Friday, June 3, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Drunken To Love You Episode 8 + Preview Vid

Kya! Is the OTP going to follow the footsteps of their predecessor? Is a souvenir on the way? Stay tuned to find out! 
~Cup 8: The secret of the button ~
Getting his heart broken again and again, Jie Xiu's love for Ai Wei is forever gone; getting his heart comforted again and again, Jie Xiu has fallen for Xiao Ru.  

But just when the relationship is about to get deeper, Xiao Ru unexpectedly receives a gift from Yi Xiang. Xiao Ru is determined to let go of the relationship, hence she returns the huge gesture back to Yi Xiang. She is surprised when she hears of Yi Xiang's reason for abandoning her. 

On the other hand, Xiao Ru finds out some woman is harassing Jie Xiu. The wife steps in and saves hubby from this evil woman's clutches. 
Even knowing that the relationship is coming to an end, Ai Wei is still unable to stop her feelings for Jie Xiu. 

At a family gathering, Jie Xiu finds the secret behind the button through a slip-up by Meng Jun. During a private conversation between Xiao Ru and Meng Jun, Jie Xiu ponders whether he has overdid it during his drunken adventure, so much that he even created a life?
Chloe Says: LOL. There's even a poll created on this. Majority (I did too!) chose "It was a looong night, anything is possible!", but a close second (I wanted to pick this one too, lol) was "Don't think about it too much guys, Xiao Ru just had a stomachache after eating bad food." Highly possible too, don't cha think? Some also think that Ai Wei is the one who got preggers (nah).

Episode 8's Video Preview:

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