Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Baby-Faced Beauty Episode 16

In order to become a full-time employee, So Young carries the blame for hiding the the fact that she is color blind. Regarding this matter, Chief Baek says he'll take the full responsibility and resign. But So Young manages to find evidence of Yun Seo being a two-headed snake! (I don't mean that literally. I think)
Based on this, So Young finds Yun Seo and tells her that she won't give up and will surely realize her dream to be a designer. Jin Wook protects So Young and stays by her side, using his own way of protecting her. As a result, So Young joins The Style's competition to design a dress! 
A person who does not give up her dreams and courage no matter what the obstacles, stay tuned for the uprising of the baby-faced beauty Lee So Young!

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  1. I'm honestly just glad she's not dying with some Mysterious Illness Of Doom. When I first saw that she was rubbing her eyes just a tad too much to be normal, I was scared it was cancer or something (because it's ALWAYS cancer -__-). Color blindness sucks too, but it's not fatal and even possibly curable!