Sunday, June 5, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Lie To Me Episode 9 & 10 noes now why Ah Jung wear such lousy clothes. At first I thought it was LTM's wardrobe stylist's "unique" sense of fashion which made our heroine goes to work like it's Casual Friday, EVERYDAY. But no sireee, it's to show her growth, to show that she gets over him, show that she is doing fine and looks even more gorgeous post-Ki Joon, before the guy regrets it and works hard to sweep her off her feet again. 
Mwahaha. I love this sort of storylines. 

Spoiler In Words Episode 9
Sitting opposite Ki Joon are an ashen-faced group of old shareholders, he throws the report at them and angrily asked him whether they are taking Gold Resort as a joke. After they left after bowing to him, he sighs and picked up his phone. 

It was at this moment when Yoon Joo's call came in, Ki Joon hesitated for awhile before picking up. After he declined a lunch date with Yoon Joo, Manager Park who's by his side sees that his expression remained conflicted. The phone rings again, and it's still Yoon Joo. 
Ki Joon just looks at the phone, unwilling to pick up. Suddenly someone walks in, and it's Yoon Joo with her phone pressed to her ear! (WHO the heck let her in?!!). As they walk side by side, Yoon Joo playfully clings on to his arm. Ki Joon pulls away, but Yoon Joo continues on with her playfulness (ugh. *puke puke*), and clings on to him. Seeing his expression as if something's wrong, she looks in front and it is So Ran...

SIW Episode 10
Ki Joon gets up from the table with the foreigner and left without a glance at Ah Jung. But Ki Joon's appearance is unsightly. Park Hoon and Lee Young gets up when they see him; Park Hoon wants to know what is going on with Ki Joon lately. Ki Joon walks up to his office's door and stop in his tracks, hesitating whether he should open it.
On the other hand, Ah Jung's walking, a tired expression on her face when she bumps into Manager Park. The hotel manager tells her that she saw her grabbing Ki Joon the day before. Ah Jung replied, telling her that she already knows she saw it. It became awkward between the two, and Ah Jung hopes that Manager Park would just pretend that she didn't see her.


  1. thanx for the spoiler chloe. There's a very short video preview out. like 18 secs long. Lol

  2. Oooh nice~ I remember I used to go watch 5 sec previews of SG on repeat, heh.

  3. The longer one is also out.

  4. Thanks Chloe for sharing this. It's something, since they only showed the two little kids crying at the end of episode 8 and I just wanted to break my laptop of frustration xD

    Thanks again :D

  5. LOL Aiko, I'm not proud of what I do to my laptop on a daily basis either (。-_-。

  6. Hmm, really? I loveeeee Ah-Jung's wardrobe! That's partly why i made it through the earlier see her clothes! My fave outfit to date is the outfit she wore to the hotel when she got drunk there with Sang-hee.

  7. Oh I see... glad at least there are ppl who like it then:D Actually, I think her wardrobe post-Ki Joon remains more or less the same, but somehow she looks smarter and more chic. It's the haircut, definitely.