Friday, June 10, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Baby Faced Beauty Episode 13

He proposes! But to the OTHER girl! *faints*
Like A Man - Eye to Eye

Sorry that this is news to me, but the Yun Seo sounds like such a biatch from the SIWs and I can't believe Seung Il is that blind not to know.

Spoiler In Words
A dramatic reversal occurs during the result of the competition!  Ahn Jung Nam who has went on a holiday with So Young and Jin Wook, what is his reason for voting So Young? 
After the competition, Seung Il actually proposes to Yun Seo, but he discovers her hypocrisy towards his daughter! So Young went ahead and asks Seung Il to officially appoint her as a designer, and Seung Il's and answer is...

On the other hand, Jin Wook couldn't retract his feelings for So Young even after finding out about So Young's age. Ultimately, he confesses to the 34-year-old Lee So Young


  1. Chloe,

    Off-topic, but it looks like is stealing your spoilers!

  2. Gag...SI proposes to that tart? What was he thinking? I hope Hyun will tell someone how evil YS is. Looking forward to Ep. 13

    Thanks Chloe--4coco

  3. @Pou: Sorry, guess I wasn't clear. It's Spoiler In Words (SIW) hehe.