Friday, June 17, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Can You Hear My Heart Episode 24

So cutee!

Spoiler In Words
Towards Dong Joo's confession that he is deaf, his mom says that he's lying to everyone and that he's only saying that to get attention. Dong Joo loses consciousness when him and his mom fell into the water together, and is sent to the hospital. 
Jin Chul questions Jun Ha the reason why he didn't expose Dong Joo as a deaf person. Jun Ha tells him, he'd better not underestimate Dong Joo if he doesn't want WooKyung Group to be snatched away.
Grandma cries and apologizes to Mi Sook, thinking she is Woo Ri's mother.

Via sallylin33@Baidu's CYHMH and naver


  1. thank you so much for translating the preview...I hope nothing happen to Dong Joo..>So sad...

  2. This girl is so cute!!! Isn't she the one that played alongside Won Bin in The Man From Nowhere???