Friday, November 9, 2012

Love, Now: Episode 5

OMG OMG. Such a brief moment, but my heart went doki-doki when he buttoned up that sharp suit of his and walks down the flight of stairs. Yes, I am an unabashed fan of Sudden Separations, because when the OTP finally meet again... EPIC. The idea of that "first encounter" always gets me jumpin' in my seat ala Tom Cruise.

It's just the beginning of the show and we're already in a juicy subplot (feel my sarcasm dripping?) Shi De's sister shows us a side that her readers will never get to see - her throwing a hissy fit because Shi De is married (and she's not). She attempts to pull off his ring, and forbids him to see "that woman" again. Can you believe this woman - who are you, his wife? 
It hadn't occurred to me until now - Shi De's immediate family are all females - grandma, mom, older sis and aunt. With all the yelling and female hysterics, it's a wonder he can remain sane, but I suppose that's the beauty of being perfect. He handles all the DRAMA! (older sis is so bratty) with aplomb, being the Voice Of Reason to his sister's Voice of... uh, nonsensical tantrums. A part of me is just thankful he didn't develop a doormat personality (Li Da Ren, you still traumatize me). If he did, it will be some weird alternate universe where Shi De and Yi Ru are besties where they wait, wait and wait.
Grandma and mom keeps pestering Shi De for more info, but the latter replies maybe later, he needs to find her first. It's cute how grandma and mom already likes Yi Ru by association. Grandma: "Let's find my granddaughter-in-law as soon as possible!" (I love how they're unfazed that she's AWOL in the first place - must be a common thing in this universe). 

Older sis is not so buoyant about it - she tells him that his marriage is doomed for Divorceville - fireworks like theirs will soon burn off, because love needs a stable foundation. Shi De retorts that he'll never give up on her, because their love is indeed stable. Eat that, ya bitter old maid!

At work, Yi Ru has yet another reason to blow her top off. Qi Ming's company has just been slapped with a lawsuit by the very same company they're submitting the proposal to. What will they think of this?! She goes beserk.
(Hee, why do I get the feeling that Shi De's company hands out summons left and right - remember the fatherly figure employee in Episode 1?) 
Qi Ming's reasoning: "But they're such a large company, surely they won't be so petty?" Yi Ru is not convinced. The proposal is actually the least of their worries, since they are seeking damages for up to a whopping 800 000 TWD (approximately 27 400 US dollars). Their company will not make it through. 

The employees listens in to their conversation - what a quirky firm, heh - a potpourri of employees ranging from a grandpa (who looks so old he gives Dumbledore a run for his money), an ajumma and a bubbly geek. They're worried for their future. One's too old to go anywhere else (no kidding), while the other has three kids to feed. All hope rests on Yi Ru now. They all look at her expectantly. 
FINE. They might as well kiss that account goodbye, but she'll try to get the company to dismiss the lawsuit. A round of applause for Yi Ru! But it quickly dies beneath her glare.

Knock knock - Aunt is here to tell Shi De that the meeting for the advertising proposals will commence in an hour. She also not so subtly hints that although all three proposals are creative, there's one in particular she really, reallyyy likes. 
Shi De's won't hear of it - cronyism? Not his thing. (Then, how bout nepotism? It's your WIFEY, yo.) Aunt assures him that she's not partial, she just likes this person for her work ethics, so won't he give that company a chance?

Yi Ru is SO glad to have this opportunity to speak to the General Manager (and from a viewer's standpoint, can I just say, huzzah, Aunt likes her too!). But that was short-lived joy for Aunt mentioned those dreaded three syllables: Lan. Shi. De. 


Surely it's just a coincidence. He probably just shares the same name as that person, right?
Nope. Not in dramaland.

That knowledge, compounded with the flashback of him at the resort saying: 
Shi De: "To be deceived by someone you trust is worst that a betrayal [from a stranger]. I hate being lied to."
... warrants a nervous breakdown from the heroine. She is deader than roadkill. Granted, he doesn't know that she is not sick, yet - but will he believe that she's a victim in all of this too?

Oh, well. It's too late to turn back now - the meeting is on, like right now. She reluctantly heads to the meeting room while Shi De is already tapping his fingers impatiently. Not a good sign. 

Bubbly Geek introduces himself to the lukewarm cold audience and Ms. Yang... omo, WHERE is she? A cop-out? Yi Ru, whyyyy?! You got me so excited.
Looks like she ran to the bathroom cubicle to hide, and is now pulling a string of toilet paper like it's her imaginary lifeline. Poor bubbly geek is left to stutter the proposal to the unimpressed Shi De, who gives his aunt a look, Is this your recommendation? Aunt squirms in embarrassment.

Bubbly geek sets out to find Yi Ru, but Shi De tells him to forget it - they don't have to come back anymore. Shi De: "Next!" That's when Yi Ru, standing next to him, clears her throat. He then looks up...

To find this:
Another cop-out?!? *dies* Alright, the third one will be shame on me. 

Not knowing who she is, Shi De harshly tells her that wearing hats indoors is a very rude thing to do. She on the other hand, changes her voice and pulls a Taiyou no Uta about her being allergic to the sunlight. Aunt smooth things over and Shi De reluctantly says he'll judge for himself whether their proposal is worth the pardon. 

Game on. But her "new" voice proves to be too much a distraction, and Shi De is mentally rolling his eyes, I'm sure. But in the middle of the WTF Voice proposal, he sees her doing this:
She did that when during their wedding night too! It's her nervous gesture and aww, it's sweet how he recognizes her through that one small idiosyncrasy. He stands up. Walking towards her, could it be? written all over his face. I half-expected him to just tear off that hideous cap/mask thing she is wearing, but NO. Show wants us to simmer in frustration a little longer (it had better be just a little, grrr). 

She runs out the very second she finished her proposal. Uh, was anyone listening in the first place? There goes their account. 

Chloe Says
LOL can I just give a shoutout to Bubbly Geek for being such a scene stealer. He is so cute! His mannerisms remind me of that cartoon, what's the name... oh, yeah. POWER PUFF GIRLS. He is so chirpy and everybody just staring at him thinking, what's with this guy?


  1. She really should have told him the instant she found out. She's digging herself deeper and deeper into a hole.

  2. @LS: Uncanny! Your comment is the same sentence I have in my ep 6-7 draft :O