Saturday, November 24, 2012

Love, Now: Episode 15

Love is in full bloom! Whether it's Shi De who already knows what he wants, Qi Ming who doesn't know what he wants, or Yi Ru who comes close to acknowledging it. With the pesky misunderstanding out of the way, Operation Rabu Rabu~ is once again in full force. But it's not Boracay anymore; it's Real Life, where she can't justify his overtures with "because I have cancer" anymore. Will Yi Ru succumb, for real this time?

Chlo-Meter:*surrenders soul*

Love, Now OST - "倉頡" (Cangjie) by Mayday In this song, the singer hopes to be Cangjie (the inventor of Chinese characters), so he could invent words that would make his lover come back to him.

We pick up where we last left off: Her interviewing, and him the awkward subject. Yi Ru eases him into it by suggesting he talk to her instead of the camera, and true enough, soon he forgets about the camera, the interview, everything but the sound of her voice. Ah, the power of love.
The interview continues at the toilet bowl factory, and Yi Ru struggles with the heat (you'd think she'd be better prepared this time around). He offers her a wet tissue (ever the gentleman!) - How do you not break a sweat, wearing a suit nonetheless? she asks in wonder.

No, it's not an indication of his personality (though he can be cold at times!), it's because he's used to it, having practically grown up here, even worked here at one point. Woah, really? Consider her curiosity piqued. 

He regales her with the history of Sheng Hao - his father was a factory worker himself, before he set off to establish a factory of his own. And because he had experienced first-hand what it's like to be working in one, he treats all his workers like family, and they were a close-knit bunch. 

And then... he died in an accident. It was all too sudden, he was still in university then. He had thought after graduation, he'd get the chance to learn under his guidance. "But he left before he could teach me anything."
It took him three years to learn the ropes - both the factory and office. He shows her a narrow bench where he used to sleep, together with the factory workers. "It hasn't changed at all," he smiles.

While making rounds, he chances upon a worker doing the process the wrong way. He goes over to teach the newbie - "the outer layer of the ceramic bowl must be shaved at 45 degree angle," he says as Yi Ru looks on, impressed (aren't we all? How dedicated he must be, to know a minuscule detail like this!).

As the interview comes to an end (got a lot of good footage, no doubt), Yi Ru thanks Shi De, addressing him as "General Manager". Must we be so formal? he asks. Startled by the question, she pauses before answering "I think it's best we maintain professional decorum at work."

Aww, baby. Don't be sad, there's always after office hours to plan some hanky panky. 

He accepts that. Although... would she be willing to accompany him somewhere? Pleaseeee? Who can deny such earnestness, so she follows him...

.... to her university! She tells him that much, and of course he is not the least surprised. Shi De: "I studied here too." REALLY? Though in different majors, her face lights up like a Christmas tree when he says "Class of '95." OMG! What a coincidence! Girl, you have no idea.
"Do you remember this pen?" She does! It's the same kind of ball point pen she had used back in university. He nods at that, and confesses that the pen is not actually his. He wanted to return it to its owner, but he had not done so because he was reluctant to part with it. She laughs.
Yi Ru: "Reluctant? But isn't it readily available anywhere? Besides, I don't think the owner would mind [if you kept it]." 
Shi De: "Yeah, but *points pen to heart* it's a very precious thing to me."
He goes to explain that his whole world had changed when his dad pass away. No longer able to escape, he had to face everything head-on, one battle after another. In a world where everyone has an ulterior motive, this pen represents ingenuousness, someone who'd lent him a helping hand when he was in dire need of one, someone who helped him without expecting anything in return.

Context, people. Context. It all makes so much sense now, doesn't it? The whole "unrequited love for many years because she lent me a pen" seemed a little extreme before, but now it's just... GAH. I'm not crying, it's just the wind getting in my eye.

They sit in a class room. He reiterates what happened that fateful day - and finally, looking at the table they both sat on, she has some semblance of a memory (and what a good looking memory, he looks so youthful with his bangs down, don't you think?)
(All I can say is, thank God for the proctor, for they would've both failed the exam without him. Why, you ask? Duh! It's obvious that they would've spent the hour making eyes at each other instead!)
There's a wonderful full-circle moment - the part where Yi Ru really remembers - she looked at him from her table, and him at her, like they did many years ago. Only now, they're adults and ripe for baby making

In all seriousness though, this scene totally tops the Shower Kiss scene in daebakness scale. "Thank you. Thank you for helping out a stranger during an exam." He returns the pen to her. Reaching out for it, she wonders (aloud) How could you remember such a little thing? The answer is simply, "You have always been on my mind."

Meanwhile, Qi Ming is checking out girls... at the hospital. It's weird, why is his heart not beating a frantic tattoo? Something is wrong with him! Lovely Doctor walked by and sees him looking grim. "Are you okay?" He invites her to have a seat, because he has got some questions about the state of his health. 
"Lately, I've been experiencing tightness in my chest, I can't sleep and I'm lethargic." What exactly is his problem? Please tell him. Onegai, sensei! Looking amused, she tells him he's got depression. I wonder how her patients deal with it. I imagine it to be something like this:
Patient: "So what have I got, doctor?"
Lovely Doctor: *looking amused* "You've got cancer."
Patient: "Bitch, you're enjoying this, aren't you?"
He gets up abruptly, "D-depression?" But his heart had contracted in pain yesterday night. Indeed, that is weird. Lovely Doctor thinks it's a psychological problem. Did anything happened yesterday night? He thinks back... to The Handshake (oh, the Hawaiian luau tune in the background will never get old). 

He solemnly replies, "I've got a friend. It's that Yang Yi Ru, and she is sooo dumb." She got screwed by someone over and over again, but it only took a teeny apology and all is forgiven! Whereas he only lied to her once, and hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. It's so unfair! 
Looking amused (though this time the situation calls for it), she tells him that  what he's got is an incurable disease, it's called "lovesick". Though modern medicine has no cure for it, his best bet is "Yang Yi Ru."

What are you talking about! He scoffs at her assessment, and deems it as Lovely Doctor's roundabout way of snaring him. Heh, inflated ego much? The impromptu diagnosing comes to an end with Lovely Doctor looking offended, but him happy as he sings that creepy fish song again.
At home, Yi Ru goes through the Shi De's dossier prepared by Grandma when she "proposed marriage." She looks at his childhood photo. "This punk... looks like he knows how to smile after all."

Yi Qing comes in, all sassy (though I'm still disappointed she cowered in front of Shi De). Yi Ru asks lil' sis, if someone had given her a pen, would she remember it for 5 - 6 years? She says it's possible if the giver is her idol, Brad Pitt (ehhh, Brad Pitt?!). 
Yi Qing: "How can there be such a person?" 
Yi Ru: "But there's such a person."
It's Lan Shi De, she says after a pause. Lil' sis manages a "huh?" and Yi Ru tells her everything. "It's strange that he could remember such a little thing." Yi Qing concludes Shi De likes her. "Like?" No way! our heroine denies. Sassy sis ends up teasing her all night long - how did you snatch top-grade stuff like Lan Shi De, using a pen that costs less than 10 TWD*? Teach me! Teach me! (*approx 0.30 USD)

Shi De is home, and grandma is all chirpy when she says, "Guess who's here?" I bet your face fell as soon as you heard that, because mine did too. AHH! Another Lovely Doctor appearance! What have we done to deserve this?
Grandma makes them sit together, him being the picture of reluctance. She makes small talk, and not-so-subtly nudges Shi De to take her out on a date. Across the globe, chants from Love, Now's OTP shippers can be heard simultaneously:




Shi De stays silent, his eyes desperately sending out the message: Help me out, Mom! 

Mom knows best. She tells grandma that Shi De's a busy man and before grandma could refute, Dr. Cai Rong says she has to go, she needs to go back to the hospital. I think she got the message loud and clear. But before she goes, she promises grandma that she'll be back often, and they pinky promise. I cringe. 
Shi De walks her back to her car, and because of her spidey sense, he reveals that he made up with Yi Ru. She, in jest (or not) that she can't be with him anymore, in a "that's too bad" tone. I know right? Good day, now!

The next day at the office, Qi Ming goes nuts at the sound of Shi De on tape, all. day. long. Why are they featuring him in the advertisement! Look at him - he's too TALL, too FAIR... So pretentious! he says in disgust.

But no one cares about his input, and he leaves the "heartless" place to find somewhere "friendlier" to rest. LOL. I hope you figure it out soon, for your sake.


  1. I am glad I stumble on your blog. Been searching review/recap of this show since it started. Thanks for the re-cap as I watch it raw and not totally understand what was being said. Couldn't find any sub. So you have been a great help for us who love this show.

    Watch this show bcos of Annie frm Inborn Pair but totally fell in love with George. Didn't realise he is such a hottie!!

    1. You're welcome. I'm glad to be a part of such a passionate fandom :x

      P.S. You must have missed ToGetHer! SOOOOOO MANY hot swimming scenes of him. In fact, I think that's the main purpose of the character - to swim. 8-7

    2. Hi Chloe,
      Ok, I will check out ToGetHer. Have not seen any of his show yet. Know he is in Hayate the Combat Butler, which is next on my to watch list. Do you know if it is any good?
      Bcos of his weight lose for this show, I think he more appealing now.
      He was good looking before but this new look is more mesmerizing. Does anyone think he looks like Wu Chun or Hyun Bin?
      Love the smiling Shi De in the first 4 episodes.

    3. Err, Hayate seems too caricature for my mood right now - I want more real life, so not on my list. But I guess it doesn't hurt to check out the first episode?

      Nah, I've seen his first drama - he's DARN good looking there.

      P.S. He's not the main character in ToGetHer, actually narratively he's not that important at all - though visuals are another matter *__*

  2. lol - he really did swim a lot in ToGetHer. I like how you summed it up in the begiing up above. Now is the time for YR to realize it wasn't just pity from him but something real. Yay!

    1. *nods nods* Things are going so well, I wonder what Show will throw at us next?