Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Rehab is for quitters.

Persevere and you will be amply rewarded: Shi De's happy face is back! The show that we fell in love with is back! 
Is this real or am I dreaming? *____*

Chlo-Meter: bring out the champagne!!

Episode 14 Preview: 
  • Shi De tells her, "We didn't know each other too well, hence all the misunderstanding. So... through this partnership, I hope we'll get to know each other better. Is that okay?"
  • Yi Ru: "Okay."

Shi De is happy again! \O/ A happy Shi De equals a happy office, and a happy Angus (he had it tough for the past week, poor kid). I hope grandma will take this well, but if she doesn't, too bad! Nothing's gonna rain on my OTP's parade~

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