Friday, November 30, 2012

Love, Now: Episode 18

Although Papa Yang is on Team Qi Ming (who's flabbergasted?), I've found proof that dad and his future son-in-law are indeed compatible:
Papa Yang's SHOCKFACE.


I rest my case. 

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The next morning, Shi De shows up at Feng Hua with a surprise present for Yi Ru, and it's none other than... Hamtaro! That's so cuteeeee. It took some cajoling for Yi Ru to accept it though.
At first, I was a teeny bit disappointed that it wasn't that ridiculously cute dog from the opening theme, but Shi De's allergies to pets about made up for it. (Well, I lie. It more than made up for it.) 

Because it makes him scratch himself.

Sexy personified! (Uh, it was in my mind, but somehow I ended up with this screenshot.)

Our hero is so proactive today, first hamster and now a meeting with his future in-law. First thing he does, he apologizes for having browbeat Yi Ru. Papa Yang forgives him readily, but offers his honest opinion:
Dad has heard from Aunt and he knows the reason why he's detest lies, but Shi De's unbending ways is a serious concern for him. "Not only will it hurt others, it will hurt you too."
Papa Yang: "Mr. Lan, I'm not you. I can't even begin to imagine how you must feel when you got conned. But what I know is, my daughter's sorrow during this incident. I'm a selfish father, I only want my daughter to be happy." 
When she cries, let it be tears of happiness, not sorrow. Shi De takes a deep bow and admits he was wrong. He understands Dad's predicament - he knows, it's all his fault, he had this coming. But...

Shi De: "Please believe me. I will fix my personality, and meet your expectations. I'll make her happy, I'll give her joy. I hope you'll be able to accept me."

After a hard day's work, Shi De meets up with Qi Ming, bonding over espressos as they laugh about hamtaro ("It's got a name now. Dou Dou.") This is pseudo friendship is so disconcerting, I had to take a minute to let it sink in. 

Shi De asks the Love Guru for his next move, but before Qi Ming helps him, he makes sure he's sincere. 
Qi Ming: "You won't back out no matter what?"  

Shi De: "I won't back out no matter what. No matter how long it takes... I'll wait for her."  
Qi Ming: "In this world, many are in over their heads. They only know how to talk the walk, but can you walk the talk?" 

Shi De: "I can."
And that concludes it. Qi Ming recommends a restaurant that has dishes Yi Ru will like, and Shi De thanks him. Though when he leaves, with a smirk he says to himself, "So you won't back out no matter what? That's just because you haven't experience one of her punches. If you had it'll be three steps back, and you'd wish you had hide yourself sooner." 

Dou dou~ 
Yi Ru lovingly plays with her new pet. Dad's face light up too, until he hears that Shi De's the one who gave it to her. Dad's worried and asks her what she thinks of Mr. Lan.

Finally, she opens up. It's complicated, she says. It's true that their time in Boracay was great, and her heart wavered. Even after coming back to Taiwan, he was so nice. But after that, a lot of things happened... her heart no longer skips a beat at the thought of him. 

Looks like she has forgiven him, but the damage has been done. (At least Show has given us a reason, you have NO idea how much hulksmashing I did in the past couple of episodes.)

Dad grabs one of her soft toys - it's a present Qi Ming gave her on their first date. Papa Yang not-so-subtly hints at Qi Ming - he'd rather she choose QM out of the two. Sure, dad. Because the way to your daughter's happiness is to let her marry a guy who'd cheat on her.

But Yi Ru says she won't choose either of them, she wants to focus on her work right now. Dad tells her to not lead Shi De on. She agrees.

Dou dou, don't you lose to that soft toy now. JUDGEMENTAL TOY IS JUDGING YOU.

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P.S: If you're reading this, Ahn, I've finally located the squishing sound - it's Papa Yang's slippers. If I'm not wrong, they're the generic brown kind that makes fart sounds when worn. It's super addictive :D


  1. LOVE reading your recaps because your perspective is hilarious! Although, chasing this on a daily basis has made me wish that Mondays would come faster (it's so sick and wrong, and yet the thought of getting a new episode makes me all giggly). Who knew that George Hu would be so AWESOME in this kind of role after playing so many goofy, supporting characters??

    Btw, there is a GREAT scene in chapter 19! :)

    1. That is sick! LNAA Step 6: Cherish your fridays and weekends (-_-)b

      P.S: I KNEW I KNEW! Already thought he was PLENTY AWESOME in ToGetHer:D :D In fact, I suspect they only made him mentally retarded to rule him out as a romantic interest. Talk about a handicap, heh.

  2. "HOW CAN YOU SAY NO TO THAT EARNEST FACE THAT EARNEST FACE" - that earnest face is a broken image. :( But it's ok. I will be downloading this episode tonight and will see for myself! ;)

    What a short episode! But cute!!

    1. Gomen! I accidentally uploaded two of the same photos, eeny meeny miny moe and deleted one... except it would be just my luck to pick deleted one(-__-)"

  3. It is great we got back more scenes of OTP in this episode. I am suprised Qi Ming really help Shi De. I would have thought, he would sabotage Shi De plan on winning Yi Ru.

    1. And he did, that sneaky bastard! Yeah, the "friendship" is amusing all right. But heck, let's bring on the bromance!

  4. yes, yes. thats the slippers, or sandal, or whatever it is.

    ah, i love it. at last, i know what they were talking about.

    argh, i wanted to know what was happening in ep 19, because it is one super episode. shi de being sooo caring towards yi ru, and qi ming felt jealousy burning. woohoo


    1. Hmm, it doesn't feel like jealousy to me, at least not full-blown. Perhaps an inkling of heartache to see the girl he loves (but he doesn't know it yet) with another guy.

      oh, as usual Shi De is ADORBS. aldkshf;od;kjl

  5. Actually it makes sense for the Dad to support QM since this is only the first time he's met SD and SD hasn't exactly been on his best behaviour (the silly boy). To Dad, QM has always been there for YR - except that they really are like family now, although obviously YR is more important to QM than he realizes (another silly boy).

    It's so telling that QM told SD to gift YR a hamster since he also gave her a similar thing LOL. At least he's sincere, if he's used those tactics before haha. I totally agree that a live pet beats the plushie any day. Come on Yi Ru, the man bought a pet although he had the allergies!

    I find the relationship a bit skewed at the moment, with all the interest and effort being on SD's side. Fun as it is for us to watch him being clueless and romantic, I hope Yi Ru also steps up and gives him a chance :)

    Off to watch Ep 19!

    - Snow

    1. Fair game I say, since Shi De made her suffer for a week, now karma pays him back, lolol. In a way I geddit, Papa Yang hasn't seen the playboy side to Qi Ming, that's why he's saying this - but in the long run - I wouldn't recommend having a serious relationship with a compulsive cheater.

      P.S That's a hamster?!!! It reminds me of togepi I have no idea what animal it's supposed to be.

  6. That's true... erm... I call anything that looks like that a hamster XD Don't quote me on that.

    Ok now I need to go spazz on the Ep 19 post.