Saturday, November 17, 2012

Love, Now: Episode 11 + Episode 12 Preview

I remember thinking Shi De was perfect, once upon a time (remember Boracay?). Now I'm thinking, he really reminds me of heroes featured in old school romance author Judith Mcnaught's books; they tend to do the romancing really well, but they'll be the first to think the worst of the heroine and have terrible tempers, leaving the heroine to drown in martyrdom. So I say, to hell with Shi De, he can marry Lovely Doctor for all I care. As for Qi Ming, though he is a good person at heart, he's still a philanderer. Thereby I am starting a petition for Yi Ru to remain single, aptly titled "SINGLEDOM MANSEI!!" Who wants in? 

That being said, what's the point of this show then? Every time I get disgruntled, I watch them in the opening theme and heave a sigh. Ironically, the only thing that consoles me right now is the fact that this is a LONG DRAMA and therefore characters would evolve, cross fingers, for the better. I sincerely hope he of the patented Death Glare would mellow out. Have mercy on my poor frazzled nerves, please.


Abin - "回去吧" (You Can Go Now) This song is written in memory of his late father.

Yi Ru washes her face in the aftermath of his deleterious words. But all that splashing is no good, she still remembers, the sweet memories of Boracay juxtaposed with his bristling words. 
If I said it was love at first sight, would you believe me? 
If you want to let it out, I'll listen. 
Let's get married. 
Give me a chance, I'll give you a dream wedding, achieve all your dreams with you. 
(Wow. Can you believe that Shi De and this Shi De is one and the same?)

It wasn't a lie, she says (in her head). Poor girl, even the act of putting on chapstick has her remembering the veiled kiss. As for Shi De, err, he's probably feeling a little guilty, not that I give a rat's hindquarters about it. Grandma calls him to keep tabs on his date with lovely doctor Cai Rong, which he belatedly remembers, rushing to the restaurant. 

Being an hour and twenty minutes late, he apologizes profusely. But Lovely Doctor doesn't seem to mind, even offering him a glass of water (she also instinctively knows that he's a bit of a germaphobe). Hmm, Dr. Cai Rong seems like a genuinely nice person. 

I really should be liking her, but the actress who plays her, Wei Man - this is her third scene and the verdict is out - she has only one expression: AMUSED. I dunno what is it she is so amused by, her emoting drives me batshit insane as my imagination drifts off, trying to figure out the reason for her facial expression. Does she know something Shi De doesn't? Is she in cahoots on, err, something? Lordy, stop looking like that!

At Feng Hua, Qi Ming shows us he is capable of working hard too. What a shocker, eh? Yi Ru is mildly amused, while the rest of Feng Hua's employees - ajumma, Powerpuff Boy and Dumbledore - could only stare in astonishment. 

His motivation? Get Shi De's project over and done with - after this they'll be rid of him for good. (Oddly enough, I am looking forward to that day. Shi De is simply no fun to be with, or watch, nowadays. Not with him slamming down random office objects.)

After work, Qi Ming drags Yi Ru to "a very relaxing place", despite the latter's insistence on going home (it's been a long day). I'm with Qi Ming on this one, if she goes home she'll probably end up reliving that dreadful moment. Go bald, Shi De. 

He tells her to trust his recommendation (no it's not a nightclub, it's a hot spring place), since he's the guy she fell for at first sight. "You kept staring at me, I was so embarrassed." Did she really! I wonder if he exaggerates. She vehemently denies it, she was only staring because she didn't want a player like him to be hovering over her friend! They go back and forth in their "you like me, no I don't!" Cute.

I enjoy watching their camaraderie, despite them having no romantic chemistry (he feels more like an extended family member). Watching them quibble was a much needed breather from the showdown, it was what I wished for my OTP, actually. Makes me wistful for the plot that could have been.

As they cross the road, holding hands (he insists, after her nearly-became-roadkill fiasco), and what do you know? Who else to witness it but the lead man himself! He glares as they cross the road. Once again I find myself thinking, if looks could kill...
But at home, Shi De acts like he doesn't own the patent for Death Glare. At home, he is the face of obeisance and filial piety. Grandma is not happy again, and it's up to her only grandson to appease her (does this woman do anything other than throw tantrums?). She has the gall to say "you should have just told me if you didn't want to go to the date in the first place." BUH? That's the thing, HE DIDN'T. But did you listen? No, ya pouted and aegyo-ed like nobody's business.

Aigoo, enough. *hits FFWD* to...

Bathtub scene! (shower scene's meeker cousin.)

Now we know that their holding hands has deeply affected him, for he's still replaying it in his mind. I'm not sure if he's angsty, 'cause it looks more like anger to me (can George emote angst? I've only seen him in ToGetHer, and he's only ever slaphappy there)
No stalking today! Stalker Boy is taking a break from his daily activity, because he's bored out of his mind watching Shi Yun. Just kidding. The truth is, in his convoluted mind he thinks that his absence will make the author's heart grow fonder (also, he is needs time to gather his emotions as he is still reeling from the news of his ex-girlfriend's upcoming marriage).

But Shi Yun shows no signs of missing him, for she is enamored with her "perfect man". I find it amusing she thinks she can will herself to fall in love with someone just 'cause he meets all her criteria (i.e "90% score"). 

On how they met - per Aunt's recommendation, she goes on a blind date with a guy whom according to Aunt is the "perfect man". And oh boy, is he perfect (in her eyes).

(Another Malaysian actor? Okay, he's probably counts as a Singaporean now, but that makes it the 3rd drama in a row I've seen - first Singapore Boy in ITWY, then the straight-faced assistant in What is Love, whom I LOVE btw - and now, this.) 

To her everlasting embarrassment, it's not her date. She only thought it was, because the flower (their item of identification) from Blind Date's pocket dropped when he brushed against Perfect Man on his way out. Perfect Man picks it up and places it on his table. 

Shi Yun's already halfway through her life story, woes of being famous when Perfect Man realizes why she approached him. He tells her the truth to the flustered lady. "What are the chances," she says with a calm exterior. Perfect Man asks her, though he's not the guy he is looking for, can they be friends? Shi Yun went home a happy woman that day.

The following scene, I believe, is the show's plead to its viewers to have some sympathy for Mr. Vengeance. His backstory revealed through Mom and Shi Yun's conversation: He has sacrificed a lot for this family, was still in uni when dad died, had to continue the family's business, take care the women in the house, blah blah. 
I don't really see how that explains why he's such an ass.

Egads, today is not my day. Another scene of Lovely Doctor with Shi De. (Fun fact to jazz up the scene: This is not their first drama together! Though I don't think they did any scenes together, she was the big bad bullying bitch in ToGetHer, and I can say with certainty that I definitely prefer her as a mean girl.)

They're on their second obligatory date, due to Shi De missing his first one (was busy brooding in his office), and she picks a home furnishing store as the venue because her fridge broke down and she needs a new one. It was at this moment my ears perked up: Qi Ming appears at the very same store, and  fondling a toilet bowl, no less! (I guess leads in this show have a thing for them, huh?)

Qi Ming is really working hard for this project, and who else to accompany him but lil' sis. Spunky Yi Qing! Will she be the one who'd save us all from this misunderstanding? Wouldn't it be great if she marched up to Shi De and give him the lecture he deserves for bullying her big sister.

Thus you can imagine my disappointment when that did not happen. On the contrary, she was awed by his beauty, heh. When she finally collected herself and gave him a sassy remark, SHE GOT SCARED. "He glared at me!" LMAO, taking cover behind Qi Ming, looks like she is no match for his death glare.

All the things I want to say to Shi De, Qi Ming had said it all:

Qi Ming: "We have already apologized, and we're working hard to compensate you. Especially Yi Ru. She knows that you're out to get her, but she's still willing to be played, and even got nearly hit by a car because of you." 
(Lovely Doctor is looking amused again. Drives me crazy - now I know why they said that about Mona Lisa.)
Qi Ming: "Not only is she not mad at you, she kept defending you, saying she understands how you must be feeling. Doing all that, haven't you had enough?  
Shi De:  "Don't you think you're stepping over the line here?"
Qi Ming: "Over the line? Isn't that you? Using the project as an excuse to toy with her isn't enough, you had to say those things at the office as well? How vicious can you get? Is that someone a person would do? Lan Shi De, your despicable ways, I wish I could take a page from your book." 
And the vicious guy stalks off. Booyah! 

Chloe Says 
Sigh, Shi De continues to be his assy self but I guess things are looking up? In his fit of anger, he shoves Qi Ming, thus landing the latter into a pile of broken ceramics. 
I'm waiting for that catalyst that would stop Yi Ru from her sentimentalized martyrdom.  Sure, love may be lost, but that seems like a small price to pay to see the OTP spar on an equal footing. 


  1. "I've only seen him in ToGetHer, and he's only ever slaphappy there."

    You must be forgetting his epic meltdown with mirror-smashing. Though it wasn't quite angsting. Most like a giant temper-tantrum.

    1. Oh I do remember - he alternates between slaphappy and throwing tantrums, right? Though I prefer to remember the swimming scenes.

  2. Thanks so much for your recap!
    I so agree with you about Dr. Lovely. She has the same annoying expression especially during that last scene when Qi Ming was talking to Shi De. I don't understand what she's so amused by. Seeing that her potential boyfriend is being such a j**k to a girl?
    *Sigh* I really hope this misunderstanding will be over already. But since it is 80 episodes, they need to drag things out?

    1. this is the first time I'm following a tw daily drama, so I really don't know how the pacing will be. But imo they can do so much better than THIS. Arc, be finished already!

  3. Thanks Chloe for your recaps. Adore them. I haven't seen a lot of Taiwanese dailies but I've seen a couple of Korean dailies (those run for about 150 episodes, 5 episodes a week in 40 minute increments) and judging from the pacing of those, this arc will probably go on for maybe another 2-3 weeks? I'm guessing 2-3 weeks cause this show is only slated for 80 episodes.

    1. There also should be a great deal of change in the relationship between Yi Ru and Shi De.


  4. yea dailies move really slow. but there's usually a great deal of change with the characters.

  5. Hey can you please tell me where to watch episode 11 and so on engsub because viki only has 10 episodes engsubbed. SO SAD I WANT TO WATCH THIS SO BADLY :( !!!

    1. Hi there... sorry because we both don't need subs to watch this. I'm not aware of where to find them, except Viki either. Maybe some other readers can help :)

  6. Hahaha! A Judith McNaught hero, that is EXACTLY what I thought right at about episode 9/10 . . . Particularly from either KINGDOM OF DREAMS or ALMOST HEAVEN.

  7. Hello! I stumbled upon your blog when I was searching for a review of Love Now to know if it's worth watching. I like your writing. It's really good. It got me excited to watch Love Now. Then you mentioned Judith Mcnaught (my fave) here. I could not help but to write a comment because it's really rare to read (actually, it's the first time) a tw drama recap comparing its hero to one of JM's heroes. I say, spot on! They are really alike. Thank you for writing this. God bless!

    1. gosh, I'm not worthy! But thank you so much, hehe. JM is the first author that really got me interested in regency romance (I started out with chic lit). I have other favs now, but I'll always be her fan! *waits impatiently for her new book*