Monday, December 31, 2012

Oh, the feels.

A scene I've watched countless times: Dong Bi's rejection. Not because it makes me happy to see rat bastard Ki Joong getting what he deserved (which I do), but because the following scene showed that he does, indeed, CARE. For a man who's MO in any difficult situation is to smile it off, it's so gratifying to see him visibly rattled.

Scenario: Episode 16, one of the very first scenes: Ki Joong's proposes that they date like how normal couples would. She says no, how could they when they're clearly not normal? Let's just stay as friends.
But Ki Joong, so in tune with his girlfriend of five years, senses something amiss. There's more to it that. Is it because of Jung Hoon? 
Dong Bi: Nope.

Ki Joong: There's something [you're not telling]. 

Dong Bi: There isn't.  

Ki Joong: There is. (I like how he just knows. Shows men can be intuitive too.)
Dong Bi finally caves, yes there is something, she kissed Jung Hoon that day. And I love his reaction: he takes in a sharp intake of breath, like he forgot to breathe as he waited for her answer. Like he was preparing for the worst (did she sleep with him?), but is relieved to hear a kiss was all there is. 

Then he says, I want to kiss you too. And proceeds to give her a cable channel worthy kiss. All the kisses you had before don't count, he says (though I'm pretty sure there's only one specific kiss he's referring to). She kisses him back, which i.e means that our favorite couple is reunited. Yay!


  1. With the festive season and holidays, been behind with all the drama. Haven't catch up with this episode yet, but I have always rooting for Doong Bi and Ki Joong. Didn't care much for the main couple. So yay, for them being together again.

    1. oh I tell you, things simmer in 16, feels in 17 and 18 is so sweet you'll get cavities.