Sunday, December 2, 2012

Think I'm trippin'? Then tie my shoes.

A longer version of next episode's preview is here, which can only mean...
SPAZ TIME!!! All bets are off as Qi Ming tells Shi De he won't hand Yi Ru over to him. Say what? Are you saying that as a capacity of a "big brother" or have you finally realize where your true feelings lie? Guess this will be the end of their coffee dates (I'm quite disappointed.)

Episode 19's last line was Shi De saying, "I won't give up." Knowing SETTV's previews, it's almost always misleading, but one thing is clear. HE WILL CONFESS aslkdahdladsjdklaj 

I am so anxious for Shi De, since Yi Ru said that she no longer has a crush on him. Otoke??? With 60 episodes to go, this does not bode well for him.

Qi Ming: You're still not giving up? (refers to after seeing Yi Ru's explosive temper)
Shi De: As long as she's happy, I'll just be by her side.
Qi Ming: You're willing to do anything?

Qi Ming: I won't hand Yi Ru over to you.
Shi De: I like you.

Without context, it sure sounds like Shi De's confessing to QM. Hee, bromance<3


  1. Hahahaha - it really does look almost like he's confessing to QM. My favorite part of rom/coms is the physical tension so I hope we get lots of that.

    1. rofl Not what I meant but so funny! :D I'm lucky I wasn't drinking anything or I might have spit it out!!!

  2. Yeah, some Youtubers commented on how Kang Shu vigorously shook his head at the confession LMAO Hahahahahaa XD

    - Snow

    1. LOLOL I was chuckling when I saw that. Best part of the video imo