Thursday, October 24, 2013

Previews: Secret Episode 10 & 11

Okay I know I'm in the minority that cares about So Yeon (if there's any at all lmao), but seeing this shit go down between the other three is kind of inevitable and I JUST WANT MY BB GIRL TO GET OUT OF THERE SAFELY IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK 


Spoiler In Words Episode 10
Min Hyuk coerces Yoo Jung, telling her to stay by his side or he will fire Do Hoon. Seeing Yoo Jung living at his home, his heart flutters. He starts to look for evidence that incriminates Do Hoon and finds out about the black box that has been wiped off.

 So Yeon is starting to fall for Do Hoon.

Seeing Min Hyuk brimming with confidence unnerves Do Hoon and he begins to suspect that Yoo Jung has told him the truth. On the other hand, Yoo Jung begins to unravel clues regarding the circumstances of her father's death.

Video preview at the end of the episode can be viewed here.

Spoiler In Words Episode 11
After searching all over for Yoo Jung, Min Hyuk finally finds her at the bakery.  He lends his shoulder to the wearied Yoo Jung. 

Yoo Jung finds Do Hoon, and is angered by his callousness. 

The state of Chairman Jo's health is now a public concern, causing K Group's shares to fluctuate.
So Yeon and Do Hoon contrive to take everything away from Min Hyuk. Meanwhile, Yoo Jung who is filled with thoughts of revenge, finds Min Hyuk...

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