Saturday, October 19, 2013

Previews: Secret Episode 9

Taken from the Soompi thread that I posted this in (jfc the discussions move faster than a bullet train) P.S: Transcripts are long, so more after the jump!

Min Hyuk punching scene
Yoo Jung yells, "Why are you hitting him?!"
He yells back, "What is it to you?"

Do Hoon yells at Yoo Jung, "He's doing this because he knows about us!"

 MH-SY-DH scene
Se Yeon is angry at Min Hyuk, "Shouldn't you be apologizing after doing that to DH?"
Min Hyuk cooly replies, "I should be the one receiving the apology"

Min Hyuk looks at Happy Couple photo
Min Hyuk: "What the hell happened (that day)?" (i.e "What the hell is going on?")
Hyung Lawyer:  "Who's that girl (in the photo)?"
MH: "Someone bothersome."

Min Hyuk goading Do Hoon
MH: "Is there such a thing as a secret that can be kept forever? You should be protecting it with your life."

Do Hoon throws money at Yoo Jung
DH: "Because of you, that bastard may drag me down too!"

Min Hyuk frantically looking for Yoo Jung, yelling "Substitute (Driver)!" and later grabs YJ's cellmate ajumma and asks, "Where is Kang Yoo Jung?!"

 Healthiest relationship in the show tbh

Spoiler In Words Episode 9
When it rains, it pours. Min Hyuk is dismissed as the President and faces some difficulties when rumors of him assaulting Jae Ha (aka. That Asshole Friend) runs rampant. Do Hoon informs Yoo Jung that Min Hyuk already knows of their relationship. As a result, Yoo Jung evades Min Hyuk and goes into hiding.

 Se Yeon, the force behind Min Hyuk's dismissal, grows closer to Do Hoon.

Do Hoon reveals some privy information about Min Hyuk to Jae Ha and starts to openly pursue Se Yeon. Meanwhile, the sudden disappearance of Yoo Jung leaves Min Hyuk anxious as he tries to find her.

Chloe Says: *Cackles* I'll bet you Min Hyuk's nonexistent soul it will go down like so: "Kwang Soo-ah, why don't you know where she is?!" "You told me not to stalk her anymore, boss." "But that does not mean you can't not know her location!" "I see, boss." "Now go find out." "Yes, boss."

Which ultimately means: More dorky C.E.O x Assistant scenes. Fuck yeah!

SIW via odbs @ Baidu Secret Bar

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