Thursday, November 7, 2013

Previews: Secret Episode 14 & 15

Episode 14:  Spoiler In Words + Preview

Min Hyuk and Yoo Jung each confirm the feelings of the other. Seeing how sincere Min Hyuk seems to be, Chairman Jo orders an investigation on Yoo Jung. So Yeon, who's hurting, decides to destroy what she can't have. Min Hyuk finally located the truck that skidded on the day of that accident, slowly inching towards the truth. Meanwhile,  Lawyer Choi gets arrested in an investigation assisted by Do Hoon towards K Group.

Episode 15: Spoiler in Words 
Due to the pressure from Do Hoon and Se Yeon, Min Hyuk and Yoo Jung is at a crossroads, having to come to a decision. Min Hyuk makes a counterattack on Do Hoon, the latter who has betrayed K Group. The day of the wedding between Min Hyuk and Se Yeon draws closer; Min Hyuk and Yoo Jung go on a trip together.

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