Friday, November 8, 2013

Heirs ♛

Gosh, this show I tell you - once again, I'm getting sucked into Kim Eun Sook's magic. There's just something so fairytale-like in her stories, but never so far-fetched that you scoff at its ludicrousness.

The very existence of Heirs makes me happy - it's the BOF that never was! Here we have the a truly terrifying Domyouji (never has the phrase, "You're mine" been so chilling to the spine), outcast Rui (who surprisingly, had a lust for blood - I love the running gag of Kim Tan asking, "Did I use to bully you?" to people who claim to know him) and a jaded Makino (#Sorry no time for your affections I have real life to deal with) - what's not to love? It's Hanadan laid bare without the obvious cliches, and the myriad of interesting characters is what keeps me tuning in despite the lack of focus plot-wise (um, what's the show about again?)


  1. I have a strange fascination with this show too... and I have no complaints about the lack of plot, because I am again, strangely content to go with the flow. I keep comparing this show to coffee (despite the fact I'm not really a coffee drinker) but it feels very mellow and whimsical to me.

    Also, I LOVE how much staring and thinking and feeling Tan does. How many male leads are like that? I don't know gah.... it does funny things to my heart.

    Ok... back to marking compositions that don't make sense.

    1. It's weird cuz, along the way, the main OTP is not really what I'm tuning in for? I mean, too a degree, yes, but somehow I got invested in EVERYONE (well, ok maybe not everyone. I do not care for the old people love story thing they have going on tbh). I'm hoping they would expand Young Do's, Bo Na's, Rachel's this week. Can't wait! (oh right it's today...)