Friday, December 3, 2010

Ha Ji Won Shows Her Adorable Side Offsite

Awww....if Joo Won saw this side of you he'd be totally smitten! In contrast to her boyish looks and mannerisms in SG, the Ha Ji Won off the air is much more cheeky and mischievous. 
The Ra Im in between shots likes to make funny faces to amuse the staff. She often chats with the filming crew and laughs out loud with them too.

The candid shots are also a hit with the netizens, and they gave her a sobriquet for each of the photos, namely, "Witty Ra Im", "Carefree Ra Im", "Bright Ra Im" and so on, each showing their love and affection for Ha Ji Won.
Ha Ji Won said on the filming of SG, "Because the gender roles have been reversed, scenarios in the show are even funnier, and the atmosphere on set is much more fun too!"

Chloe Says: I think the Ra Im in SG is plenty cute enough! Remember how she imitated the baby voice her hp makes whenever a message comes? Ha Ji Won's cooing is adooorable~

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