Friday, December 3, 2010

2AM's Jo Kwon Tells All In A Book

There's nothing better to warm the cockles of your heart than reading a story about filial piety...
Kpop group 2AM's leader, Jo Kwon *ahem* (please excuse the ninja hair)

In a MBC variety show, idol member Jo Kwon has revealed a book that he co-authored with the group, titled "Stories Of His Family". In the book he frankly disclosed his family's non-wealthy conditions before his debut.

He stated that his family went through a lot of hardship during his pre-debut days. And ever since he received his pay for his CF debut, he's been saving away to buy a house for his parents who lives in the basement. He finally did it this year in September, and bought a house using his appearances fees and from various other income sources.

In the book, he mentioned: "I told my manager not to arrange anything for the afternoon on the 4th of September. After I finished all the activities I had in the morning, I rushed to Suwon-si** to help with the move. The lighting in the new home is good, and it has three rooms too."

The book also includes his experience during his 2567 days as a trainee. That makes him the longest-serving male trainee for JYP Entertainment, ever. 7 years, dude. Sometimes I think Park Jin-young's a sadistic torturer.

Chloe Says: Now, did that inspire you to be a better child or what? And in case you were wondering what Suwon-si is (don't worry it's not his gf), it's not a person, but a place. It is the provincial capital of Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. 
And a shoutout to SG fans: famous k-actress Ha Ji Won came from there too! And that means evil glare dude (a.k.a. Ha Ji Won's brother) is also from Suwon-si. Coincidentally, the city is traditionally known as "The City Of Fillial Piety".

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  1. last september, Min revealed that she was trained for 8 years .___.

  2. Who's Min? *does a google search* So I guess that makes her the longest-serving female trainee :-O