Friday, December 3, 2010

SG's Cameo Stills Released

I've wax-ed lyrical about the upcoming cameo, so I don't think there's anymore info left to dig. Although, in some angles, don't you think he looks like Kang Ji Hwan? No?

Waxing Lyrical About The Drama:
Everytime I watch this show, I am struck awe by its execution. It's simply brilliant, and I wonder why before this no one thought about using a gender swap in such a way rather than the usual Main Plot where the entire show is about the two couple living in each other's body. 

I think the main reason why they marketed it as a body-swapping gender bender fun is so as to not alarm the viewers when it ACTUALLY HAPPENS. Imagine if we were not prepared about it, drama forums will be filled with, "It jumped the shark! It jumped the shark!" you know? And labeling it with a melo tag sort of prepares us for what's gonna come.

There have been many criticisms on Joo Won being an ass (which I don't deny he is), but in a way I found that refreshing that it's not all bubbles and rainbows. It IS reality after all, and he won't be your usual run of the mill kdrama chaebols, where the man abandons everything to be with the women he loves. Awww. Earth calling romantic dreamers.
But he cares about her more than he lets on, as we witnessed in Episode 5's MTB race where he lost to Oska because he was worried about Ra Im, so I don't doubt he that he WILL eventually do that (that is, the 'abandon everything' part). 

And Joo Won's journey to that path that leads him to be OTP with Ra Im is only part of the fun. But for now, he doesn't deserves such an awesome girl like Ra Im. 

Photo Credits: TVDaily, dc


  1. Hi chloe. I have no idea who that other guy is or what drama he came from but hje must play a big part in s and osca's breakup.

    I just wanna thank you for sharing SG spoilers and to tell you I visit your blog regularly.

    Keep up the good work. Thanx again.

  2. Thanks sansukini! Yes he does play a HUGE part in it, perhaps even the only reason they broke up. Have to tune in to Sunday's show to know what the Big Misunderstanding is ;)