Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Secret Garden: 101 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Miss The Upcoming Ep.8

Actually, they are only two. I just made that up to make it sound more catchy (what, were you guillable enough to think that I would list all 98 of them?). Below is Reason No.1, the most viewed pic of Secret Garden (don't lie, you totally saw it too):

Where's a DSLR when you need one?

Yup yup! The scene will be in this Sunday's episode. Bwahahahah. Imagine you were the passerby who took this photo.  One day, on a perfectly bright sunny day, you were just minding your own business, strolling along the sidewalk, and you happen to spy two hot guys making out. No big deal, you think. Only one of them happens to be Korea's BINNIE. With shaking hands you take your hp and quickly snapped the scene.

True story. This is what exactly happen to the person who took this shot. Shortly after it was posted on the web, there were 14 million views to this grainy pic (that's like, 3/4 of my country's population). 

According to an SG crew, this kissing scene is a post-swap scene, that means it's Ra Him (like duh, as if Joo Won would do that). And it is expected to air on Episode 8. So stay tuned!

Reason #2 : We explore more on our beta couple, Seul-Oska's relationship, or rather, the lack of it. And through that we get to have a glimpse of Three Brother's Lee Jun Hyuk. More details here.
Also, a shout out to people living in Korea: Please bring a camera with you at ALL TIMES. You owe it to the rest of the world, no more grainy pics please :D

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