Wednesday, December 8, 2010

6 Things You Might Not Know About Secret Garden

This are some of the interesting facts I know about this A-MAZ-ING kdrama, along with a thousand other useless trivias I have stored in my brain. Just for your amusement:

1) The actor who plays Han Tae Ssun, the free spirited singer, DOES NOT actually sing in the drama. The voice belongs to a new k-singer name Lenny. 

2) Ha Ji Won's body measurements: 33-23-33

3) Originally, Jay Park was suppose to do Han Tae Ssun, but the production decided that he wasn't suitable for the character's image they wanted to portray.

4) Kim Sa Rang is Miss Korea 2000. Although she didn't win the Miss Universe title in 2001, she did get the Best National Costume award (featuring a hanbok).

5) Her stats: 34-24-34 (I'm now obsessed with numbers, thanks to Joo Won).

6) Lee Jong Suk (who plays Tae Ssun) has been modelling since he was 16 years old. 

Chloe Says: Talking about the cast, it's sad that Phillip Lee gets even less air time than Lee Jong Suk. His role doesn't seem terribly important at the moment.
Also, I'm soooo greatful Jang Hyuk dropped this for Midas. 
Sure, he would have nailed it, but it would only be a Thank You No.2 for him, whereas this drama showed us a side of Hyun Bin we've never seen before. Three cheers for Binnie!


  1. HJW 33-23-33, hollee macaroni, she's skinny... but so sexy. all muscle, I bet, just as JoWoon said.

  2. thankssssssss :)

    especially the last sentece... the other side of binnie....hihihii

  3. Kim Sa Rang is gorgeous. I love her style in Secret Garden. So fashionable.

  4. - so sexy wonnie ! :X