Thursday, December 9, 2010

Spoilers In Words for Secret Garden Episode 9

Woohoo! Welcome back Joo Won baby! Sure, Joo Wanda was fun, but there's no way it can beat the mermaid lovin', sexy bastard and arrogant s.o.b we all love so much.
Like always, Joo Won takes the escalator to his office. The female employees can't stop gushing about him (thanks to Joo Wanda's heroic act in the previous episode), saying how handsome he is. 
Ah Young stares at him, giving him a look that said, "I am here!" but was totally ignored by Joo Won.

Ra Im goes to Joo Won's office to get her handphone back and return his. She pick hers up on his desk and throws his to the sofa while saying, "Hope that we'll never meet again" and promptly left. In that split second before the elevator door closes, Joo Won presses the "open" button, stopping her from leaving.

He looks at Ra Im, can't go in but not wanting to let her go either...

Chloe Says: Holey moley! Does that sound more fabulous than your simple kdrama arm grab or what? 


  1. waahh!! so intense! cant wait for ep 9 to come out!!
    that scene sounds soo.. lol im lost for words! can't wait!!! :X

  2. Gosh i can't wait for Binnie '' I want you stare''

  3. hehehe, I know. I missed that so much during The Swap.