Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fans Show Their Love For Mary

Off the set, if there's anything I love more than watching the two of them looking chummy, it's all these gifts fans shower their beloved stars. And its not some cheap stuff too, it's all branded and they arrive by the truckloads. I'm sure the whole crew's spirits are lifted despite the demanding and hectic schedule. 

A Message From The Fan Club:

Healthy looking food:

The healthy and yummy samgyetang

The Food Truck:

Oh my gosh, this cat is so cute!! They should give it a name. Do you see the resemblance between Mary's cat and SG's one? The head is kinda similarly shaped.

Ugg boots are fugly, but this ear warmers are lovely! MGY will look cho-kawaii in them <3

Stuff to fight the blistering cold:

Custom made Mary blankets (I love the drama's logo):
Do you feel the love? It's overwhelming, on and off M3's set.

Credits: dc

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  1. hello :)
    nice to see your blog and thanks for everything.. kamsahamida :)
    i saw that ugg ear warmer in MSOAN ep11 :)) so cuuteeee :D