Saturday, December 4, 2010

Awesomest Interview EVER.

It was totally unexpected, 'cause eh... as some of you may know by now, I'm pretty clueless when it comes to the kpop/kmusic scene. When I first came upon this interview when it was on tv, I mistakenly took him for a local comedian (for shame, chloe!) 

It wasn't until the hosts mentioned how "passionate" his fans were (waiting outside his hotel till wee hours in the morning), that I found out he was a Korean singer (and a pretty famous one at that). 
I think part of the reason I was so taken with his persona, is due to the fact that the interview was entirely conducted in English (no language barriers here, since Brian grew up in the States.) His humor really shines through, plus the interview itself has a pretty laid-back air to it, very unlike Korean interviews where the subject has to tune up his/her aegyo for the audience; the general air of civility (due to the social hierarchy ingrained in all Koreans). So this came as a breathe of fresh air. Notwithstanding the fact that I'm a sucker for Asians with English/American accent. It just makes them 170% hotter tbh (this applies to both genders. Han Ye Seul, unf!) 

I've since seen him in a number of k-variety shows, and true enough he doesn't seem as cool as he was in this interview: 

Our Channel 8's Mascot: Rocker Baby Pow Pow (so punk rock!)

 From left: Moe, Brian Joo and Mike.

First of all, let me explain the concept of the show: There are two hosts, Moe and Mike who are permanently attached to their laptops; on the viewer's right there's a chatbox that moves along as the SMS from the viewers comes flowing in. It's sort of a casual chat/music show where viewers vote for what MVs they want to watch by SMS. It's pretty fun with those two around, and even more so when there are guest appearances. 

And a word of caution: Do not attempt to eat OR drink while watching this. Ignore this and you'll learn the hard way. Don't say I didn't warn you!

Part I: Introduction
Brian Joo is introduced by the two hosts, and Moe opens with, "For those of you who do not know who is Brian, you've been living in a cave..." Err, I guess that means I'm living in a cave?
We start off with what he thinks of our country: "The food here is the best I've ever tasted, the woman are nice, sweet.." (Nice??? Sweet?!? OMG does that mean we're fugly D:)

He talks about Hwanhee, the solo thing, and how Hwanhee's been preparing for a war movie right now. When asked whether he's interested in a role like that too, he says no, he's more of the American Pie type of guy. *snort*

Part II: Warming Up
They talked about his childhood in America, and his culture shock when he moved back to Korea (this strikes a chord with both Mike and Moe, both of them grew up in the States as well). 
And we move on to the more interesting stuff: What's on his iPod? Everything. Eminem, Jay-Z, Usher, Justin Bieber... Needless to say, Moe's not impressed, saying it's all vanilla (lol i concede).

He commented on how different K-girls take pics of themselves, a popular culture otherwise known as selca. He does a *cute* imitation. More jokes on Matrix (The Chosen One), his hair (a backup dancer did it for him in one hour) and that lead to a gay joke? Lol this show is totally random.

Part III: Korean, English and Bahasa Malaysia 
Mike reads one of the msgs in bad Korean (the msg was mixed with k-words), which prompts BJ to say in his sexy Korean, "Why don't we do this whole thing in Korean, let's not speak English." The two hosts responded in bahasa instead (i.e. the malay language). HAHA. M&M one, BJ zero.
He continues reading the msgs on the screen, and some of them are down right cheesy, even I felt embarrassed for the sender's behalf. But he takes it all in stride, and says: 
"I totally understand what they (his fans) are going through. Growing up, I was a huge Janet Jackson and Paula Abdul fan (Moe: Vanilla!), and I even wrote Janet a letter saying I want to have your babies.." 
Woah, that IS creepy! Nice gesture though :)

Guess who's his favorite hoobae? None other than my fav Suju member, Choi Siwon bb! They often hang out together, 'cause Siwon learns English from his roommate, but end up chatting with BJ more than studying. Love the bromance thing they got goin' on.

Of Eros, Six Packs And A Stinky T-Shirt
BJ reads one of the msgs saying he's ero/ a.k.a. erotic or sexy (I blush). And sexy leads to the removal of clothing. But he says no 'cause he's got six pack no more: "It's call the total one pack. I got it connected."

BJ turns down a marriage proposal and Mike gets ridiculed for not changing his T-shirt after a straight 10 hour gig. (What did I told you about this show being totally random? Lovin' it!)

Part IV: Welcome back to the Brian Joo Show! (a.k.a. Korea's Oprah)
Part V: You called me "Brain Joo" on Twitter?!!
"Dude, you called me a brain? It's like Pinky and the Brain the cartoon or something"
(Ugh. The annoying theme song just popped up in my head.)

Part VI: Twilight and The Purple Vortex
Apparently one of his friends is a werewolf in the movie franchise, so he has seen all 3 movies (he thinks the 3rd one is better than the 1st and 2nd). BJ thinks Mike looks like one of the werewolves and Moe looks like the one of the evil vampires; the Asian one. When Moe gets indignant, BJ said, "What do you look like? African-American? I don't think so!" LOL. 

Hwanhee And I Will Not Come Up With An Album
One of the msgs requested BJ to do a guerrilla dance. His response:
"I've imitated Hwanhee a lot of times on national TV, but the thing is, if I do this now and he happens to see this on youtube, I guarantee you we will would not come out with a new single."
Chloe Says: Man, if only all interviews were half this fun. I was howling like a banshee at 2AM.


  1. omg..are you from malaysia??

  2. Yessery! I believe I've mentioned that in one of my posts:) Wasn't this episode awesome? I guess when there aren't any language barriers, things get a flowin';))

  3. I love Brian & Hwanhee not so much for their music but for their bromance on screen. They participated in many variety shows & I love easy attitude & quite a comedian.

  4. I wished I got to see him do the guerrilla dance. Was it that funny? :-/

  5. Haha.. You should watch him in Strong Heart show. haha. he's funny! :D and I'm surprised you're from malaysia! *winks

  6. Hi Chloe!

    This confession of yours is rather interesting, as Brian is a good choice, being the very talented person that he is. A natural-born dancer (unlike many kpop singers) and entertainer, he is so hilarious yet he also has a serious side to him which he keeps rather secret.
    He and Choi Si Won are friends also because they both are dedicated Christians, having recorded a recent album along with Vanness Wu. Have you ever listened to it?

  7. No, actually I haven't heard any of his songs *sweat*

    But say if an opportunity comes along and I happen to stumble into it, sure, I'll listen:X

  8. glad more ppl are loving this guy and really surprising u chose him over so many ppl, it's hard for me to choose i lvoe so many, but difnitely brian is one funny guy! back to the love letter days till now, personality wise, he so funny and yeah totally remmeber about how much hwanhee hate brian imitating him on tv!! and i wish he have a concert in LA again, would love going again b/c he's also an awesome performer


    ps might have alot of typos just don't like going it through again xP