Saturday, December 4, 2010

2PM's Taecyeon's Shy Confession: Ha Ji Won's My Ideal Woman

Whatever boy, no need to play coy, I hardly think you're the shy type. And you'll have competition too. Didn't Jang Geun Seuk said something about his noona love? 
For dramas, it's always a slow news day on the day of the broadcast itself. So I'll just indulge myself in nice-to-know *juicy* infos like these. Read on:

In today's filming for a SBS's new variety show, Taecyeon confessed, "My ideal woman has not changed, it has always been Ha Ji Won." 

Previously, he has worked with SNSD's Yoona, Baek Ji Young and Moon Geun Young; he's had a perfect partnership with each of them, even causing rumors. But his ideal woman happens to be in SBS's latest drama "Secret Garden", starring as Ra Im. He said in a variety show last year that his ideal woman is Ha Ji Won and it still stands true today, sticking to his pure love image.

Via China Daily


  1. YEP!! Always has been.
    Last year's Heartbeat performance at the Dragon Award(?), he said he ripped his shirt for Ha Ji Won. <3

  2. i love ha ji won, great actress, pretty person inside and out