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Spoiler In Words for The Fierce Wife Episode 5

FINALLY. After many weeks of speculation when Rui Fan will "do it", we are finally getting somewhere. Second servings of Chris Wen please! And a warning for potential readers: It's a super loooong preview. If there's one thing twdramas are good at, it's the spoilers they give, it's so darn long it makes the kdrama promo ppl look stingy.

~Tip Five: Three's A Crowd~
The relationship between three people, complicates everything...

At the company, Rui Fan purposely keeps his distance from Wei En. A sad Wei En goes to the pub and gets drunk. She gets harassed by a group of guys, and after an angry row she gets kicked out from the pub. Late at night, a depressed Wei En walks aimlessly under the rain. Even though she knows she should not be doing this, she goes ahead and call Rui Fan...
Rui Fan found her dripping wet from the rain, his defenses crumbles at seeing the drunk Wei En...and they both know that they could never go back to how it was before. Wei En doesn't want this feeling to get out of control, and tells him not to abandon his wife. An Zhen who's unaware of what happened, takes good care of them both. Rui Fan hugs An Zhen, feeling guilty (damn right you should, you bastard!). He knows he can't do this to his wife, but on the other hand he just can't let go Wei En's hand.

This is the first day they're switching departments, and Ai Ling immediately plays rough. She withdraws the previous proposal made by Rui Fan, and demands a new one to be made from scratch, prompting everyone's complain. Rui Fan arrives at the business department, only to find that everyone has been sent for an assignment elsewhere! The Rui Fan who has just been transferred to this department is severely short-handed.

Because of Ai Ling's arrangement, Kang De has to miserably work overtime. And he accidentally witnesses Rui Fan being all intimate with Wei En. He earnestly tries to advise him against cheating, "You don't know how to play, and you can't afford to play! If you happen to fail to get the Vice President's position because of this scandal, I will despise you for life!"
These words made Rui Fan struggle against his feelings...
The C.E.O of a motor company invited Tian Wei out for dinner, and there he happened to see Rui Fan and went out to greet him. But he stopped halfway when he saw the partner he was being chummy with was obviously NOT An Zhen. That got him worried about An Zhen, and he makes up an excuse to meet her. Out of curiosity, Rui Xuan follows An Zhen too.

And when they meet, he purposely brings up about his meeting with Rui Fan on that day. An Zhen recalled that the restaurant was where Rui Fan proposed to her (how ironic, going to the same restaurant he went with his wife to cheat on her). Upon hearing this, Rui Xuan's expression turned grim.

Back at home, Rui Xuan quickly went to search for the Rui Fan's yearbook. Inside there was a picture of Rui Fan and Ai Ling kissing intimately (Noo~ You got the wrong woman!). So Ai Ling was his ex-girlfriend who had so cruel heartedly dumped him! 

Rui Xuan can not help but to worry for them, and warns An Zhen to be careful of Ai Ling. She even goes to the office and declares war on Ai Ling! 
Chloe Says: I guess the most surprising thing in this episode is not Rui Fan cheating (we knew that would happen even before this show started), but playboy Kang De advising his pal not to cross the line. It's surprising to say the least, I thought he would advise him how NOT to get caught instead. 

Whether his motives are pure or selfish (maybe he doesn't want to get tortured by Ai Ling at work anymore), I really appreciated it.

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