Wednesday, December 8, 2010

More Secret Garden Parodies

I give you Little Mermaid. Literally.
I cannot tell you how much these pictures excite the Disney fan in me. I can tell you straight off which scene is this: It's when Ariel (the mermaid princess) was excited she found a new toy from the mortal world: The prince's statue.
Ursula, the fat octopus witch. I say we should PS Joo Won's momma face there.

Looks like Joo Won has never got the memo about Little M having a Disney version. If the ending is anything like it, I'll be a happy fan.

More cute (and scary) stuff:
I think Oska is the most adorable when he's eating tofu. The first time I thought he was cute was that scene in Episode 4.

Now, if only there's someone who has the entrepreneur spirit in them to turn these cuties into a sticker, I guaranteeee you, you'll be a millionaire in no time.
LOL. Sexy indeed.

Here comes the scary part...

I still have nightmares whenever I think of Ju-on's weird human clicking sound. I admit, I am a scaredy-cat. So please do not tempt me into watching any horror movies. Reading 'em is okay, though. I read the whole Saw franchise.

We end on a sweet note with a chibi Joo Won, this time sporting a new tracksuit:   
*groan* Of all things to wear on this earth...

Credits: dc


  1. Ooh my these are all great. The little mermaid is so cute but the chibi one takes the cake. Its so damn adorable.:x I would definitely buy those stickers if they are available.

  2. ^^...oh...the one with the little marmaid is my favorite !! thanks !! I want to sing the songs of the disney movie now :)