Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Spoiler In Words for Marry Me, Mary! Episode 9

This is how this show, Mary Stayed Out All Night got its name. When the OTP finally realizes their love for each other, you know the climax is here. And you betcha it's going to be good. 
On the eve of her engagement, Mu Gyul and Mary declare the feelings they have for each other right in front of Seo Joon and Jung In (hellochloe does a double whoopie here).  Mary's dad cannot forgive her act, to which Mary feels sorry for but she hadn't had a choice.

Mu Gyul sends a paper plane message to her (how cute is that? I thought I would only get to see this in jdramas), and Mary couldn't just let him leave like that, thus she went along with him. What started out as a brief lovers' rendezvous in the morning, became a trip to the coast. 

The day of their engagement became the date that the deal is off. In the empty room, Jung In sees the socks and remember the memories Mary gave him. He's despondent and filled with melancholy (hellochloe beats herself up for the double whoopie).

Because Jung In has failed to win Mary's heart, plus getting dumped on the eve of their engagement, Jung In's father decided that enough is enough and withdraws his investment in JI Entertainment. However, Jung In reveals that he has not given up on both the drama and Mary, and he vows to make Mary his wife (hellochloe is torn, does he sound evil or what?).

After a while, the two lovers finally reach their destination. Mary and Mu Gyul had a heart-to-heart talk and shared their views on love and marriage with each other. But just when the couple finally get to have some peace and sweet time together, someone meddles in their affair...

Chloe Says: Do you see where this is going, peeps? Buckle in for the ride. I'm praying to the drama gods now, hoping hope against hope that the "someone" who meddles in their affairs is Jung In's papa and not my beloved. Please don't turn Jung In into a yandere like the Lovers in Paris dude, pleaseeee...

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