Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Spoiler In Words For IADD Ep 5, Plus: BTS Photos

Isn't she lucky? What bunch of good looking guys

One thing about Daddy's spoilers, it makes translating SG ones seem like a damn walk in the park. There's just too many things going on, and too many freakin' names in chinese that I've to figure out, and because they're so many family members, their names are oh-so-similar. 

It's ironic to note that the things that are causing me so much frustration are the very same reasons why I enjoy the show so much. I love the overlapping love lines (let's see, Chae Ryung and Ae Ryung each have THREE potential lovers) and the fact that the OTP is not that obvious at this point.
In short, it's sort of like makjang without the crap (is it even possible?). This show is similarly formatted like morning kdramas, but for once I actually care about the side characters and their story. It's hellochloe's dream come true.

Spoiler In Words For Episode 5:
Due to complications after sugery, Daddy Eun is in endless pain. Because of this, Chae Ryung faints. 
Hyuk Gi and Wook Gi finds out that their parents not only took the compensation money, but the deposit for their house as well. They have no choice but to move out.
Jin Goo personally backs his marriage to Ae Ryung, but he still finds the family beneath his level. On the other hand, Ae Ryung finally breaks up with her lover (the director's son).

Mom* (at least, I think it is) goes to the bank only to find in shock that the account is empty. Ho Ryung who has finally arrived at the hospital blames Chae Ryung for all this. At the advise of Dr. Hong, Ae Ryung goes to meet Hyuk Gi. Daddy Eun asks for forgiveness from Hyuk Gi and Wook Gi who'd came to the hospital.
On the other hand, Ae Ryung who'd been hesitating about the marriage decides to propose to Jin Goo after seeing how he'd helped them settle Daddy Eun's hospital bills.

Credits: Imzi@soompi for the HD stills, Baidu's IADD for BTS photos

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