Thursday, December 2, 2010

Spoiler In Words for Fugitive: Plan B Episode 19

Chairman Yang's son, who'd earlier expressed his intentions to retire from the political arena, finally showed his true colors. Ji Woo and Jin Yi were wounded from the attacks and sent to the hospital. Nevertheless they kept searching for opportunities to counterattack (and it looks like they even found the opportunity to sneak in some romance). 

With Chairman Yang's disappearance, his men are captured one by one. Kai found Hwang Mi Jin who had survived the sniper attack, and accepts her proposal (I don't know what's the proposal, but NOT the marriage kind o'course).

I don't know who THAT is, but he sure looks like TOP.

Do Soo and police girlfriend manage to recover part of a conversation from a recorder destroyed by Yang Young Joon. They set out to search for Hwang Mi Jin's assistant.

Episode 19's Trailer: 

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