Thursday, December 2, 2010

Spoiler In Words For IADD Ep 4

Jin Goo arranges for Daddy Ki Hwan to be transfered to his family's hospital, and daddy even accepts Dr. Hong's operation. Through Ae Ryung, Jin Goo finds out about her dad's predicament, and decides to go through with the arranged marriage.

Meanwhile, Hyuk Gi is mad that his parents seems to be more anxious on the prospect of getting financial compensation rather than mourning over their dead son. He tells Chae Ryung's family not to mention anything about money to his parents until the said case is throughly investigated, but Tae Soo's parents keep pushing for CR's family to settle the case financially.
In the end, despite Hyuk Gi's protests, his parents receives the financial settlement. They disappeared with the money and were nowhere to be found. At this time, Daddy Ki Hwan wakes up from the operation...

Credits: Snapshots by Imzi@soompi, spoilers in chinese translated by hellochloe

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