Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Dream High Ep. 8

I just had a perfect dream for Dream High. Wouldn't it be fantastic if K were a group instead of an individual? (K, a group of five -awesome socks). 

Spoiler In Words

Jin Gook manages to escape from the airport and reaches to the place he agreed upon with Hye Mi, but she has already left. The misunderstandings between the two continues to widen the distance between them. Seeing how Hye Mi is hurting over Jin Gook, Sam Dong's heart is in pain as well. (Wowza. This whole paragraph sounds so epic. Epic like a melodrama *sighs*)
Baek Hee gets to debut because of her showcase, and she thanks Hye Mi. Hye Mi sees the interview and she reminiscences all the things that has happened during her friendship with Baek Hee. She begins to feel that maybe she isn't the protagonist, but rather the antagonist who wants to put down the protagonist. She's confused and disenchanted. 
Meanwhile, Pil Sook firmly believes that Jason likes her as she does him, and decides to confess...(oh boy I feel a heartbreak coming. Or will Jason be to "polite" to say no?)

Via Baidu's Dream High


  1. Jason cannot reject Her!!!. if he does, i will be heartbroken. I watch the show pretty much only for them!!!~~~

  2. @sg: I'll be more surprised if he did. He shows no signs of being in love? But it's good that she confesses. It is a universal truth that one cannot stop thinking about the confessor after a heart-to-heart confession;))